English | News | 28 marzo 2012

Venezuelan State TV: Hugo Chávez Has 50 More Years to Live! (The Atlantic Wire)

If you trust the world’s state-run media, Hugo Chávez is invincible, anti-Putin demonstrators are phonies and Kim Jong-Un’s enemies will “find no breathing spell in this land and sky.” Today’s installment of Propaganda Parade begins in Venezuela…

The cancer in Hugo Chavez’s pelvis is dominating his re-election campaign so it should come as no surprise that state-owned TV is helping tip the scales in his favor. Despite widespread belief that Chávez is suffering from a terminal illness, Venezolana de Television has a new political cartoon titled “Hugo Chávez, Ready for Battle!” boasting a literally cartoonish diagnosis of his health. His pelvic region is totally healthy! His heart is in optimal condition! Best of all, his life expectancy is 50 more years!

Forget that the diagnosis would render the ailing leader alive at 107 years-old, this man has an election to win. He’s shooting for another six-year term for the presidential vote in October against his 39-years-old rival who has slammed the clandestine manner he’s dealt with his cancer. If elected, Henrique Capriles promises his health will be a “matter of public knowledge.” But will it be a matter of public cartoons? Something to consider, Venezuela.

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Original article by John Hudson at the Atlatic Wire