Analysis | English | 31 octubre 2012

Venezuela elections hardly democratic (David Luhnow, Wall Street Journal)

The Latin American Bureau Chief to The Wall Street Journal, David Luhnow, talked about how Chávez’s control of state resources to fund his presidential campaign effectively crushed the opposition’s ability to communicate its messages via media, because private media is unable to match the financial resources of the Venezuelan government.

Lunhow explained that the saturation of Venezuelan media with official propaganda and the interruptions of cadenas—broadcasts of the President’s speeches mandated on all channels—delegitimizes Venezuela’s most recent election results. «Es una elección, pero no es nada democrática,» said Lunhow (It’s an election, but it’s hardly democratic).

He provided a personal anecdote of a trip to Caracas, where, while watching Capriles deliver a speech on Globovisión, Chávez quickly interrupted the broadcast with his own transmission, thus exposing Venezuelans only to the president’s campaign and censoring that of the contender.

This paragraph is excerpted from an article by Alexandra Hall on the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) blog