Analysis | English | Video | 22 febrero 2014

Censorship amidst a government-imposed media blackout in Venezuela (video)


Venezuela is going through an economic, political and social crisis which brought about thousands of citizens taking the streets to express their discontent. For more than a week, Venezuelans have been involved in mass protests that, until now, have caused eight deaths, hundreds of injuries and hundreds of arrests. What’s going on?

In this edition of GV Face, our Latin America editor Silvia Viñas and I talk to Global Voices author and digital rights lawyer Marianne Díaz Hernández who has been tracking citizen media and web censorship amidst a government-imposed media blackout in Venezuela.

Marianne talks about everyday life in Venezuela – how shortages of food and medicine affect people, and how newspapers in the country have been reduced to as few as four pages because of lack of paper. She recommends alternative online news sources that focus on fact-checking, including, at a moment when disinformation and propaganda is confounding those trying to make sense of events.

By Solana Larsen


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