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La ‘doctrina Cabello’ y la difamación

0f51d3b6-653c-46d0-a250-8168950eeed8 El hombre fuerte del régimen de Nicolás Maduro ha demandado a ‘The Wall Street Journal’ por atentar contra su honor. Entablar juicios penales ha sido la estratagema favorita de quienes se han ganado con sus desmanes la atención de la prensa El capitán Diosdado Cabello, hombre fuerte del régimen de Nicolás Maduro, y notorio por hallarse en la lista de los capos del narcotráfico global más buscados por la DEA, ha demandado al diario Wall Street Journal por difamación. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 14 octubre 2015

Venezuela’s Questionable Election Observers

Sadly, Venezuela has a long tradition of cherry-picking its election observers. Neither the OAS nor the EU has been invited to observe elections in Venezuela since 2006. WASHINGTON, DC – The congressional elections to be held in Venezuela in December offer a flicker of hope to a country facing dark prospects. ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | 5 octubre 2015

Press Association decries communication totalitarianism in Venezuela

Students sit on the pavement reading "Censorship is dictatorship" during an anti-government protest in Caracas in 2014. At its 71st general assembly meeting in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States this weekend, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA, SIP in Spanish) highlighted the anti-democratic nature of the Venezuelan government’s control of media in the country. What else have the governments of Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua done, for example that is not to unceasingly communicate lies to people and rationing freedom of expression to suit their own interests?  ... ver más
Analysis | English | Video | 22 septiembre 2015

Maduro’s dirty tricks to rig Venezuela elections

images1 As in previous elections, Maduro is closing independent media outlets and virtually controlling television time with mandatory broadcasts of presidential speeches and an avalanche of state-paid pro-government ads.  It’s no secret that Venezuela is a cosmetic democracy in which President Nicolás Maduro resorts to all kinds of dirty tricks to retain absolute powers, but his latest move — designing ballot sheets designed to confuse opposition voters — would be almost amusing if it weren’t so devious. ... ver más
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ONU pidió información sobre prohibición de salida contra 22 directivos de medios por @morapin

william_castillo_ONU_30jun2015 El Estado guardó silencio sobre juicio a El Nacional, Tal Cual y La Patilla. Conatel negó que el gobierno cierre medios. Expertos pidieron visitar el país El segundo día del examen sobre el cumplimiento del Pacto Internacional de Derechos Civiles y Políticos por el Estado venezolano, ante el Comité de Derechos Humanos de la ONU, no fue diferente al primero: los expertos hicieron incisivas preguntas, observaciones y reflexiones sobre la situación del país, y la delegación oficial respondió con maña, ironía y afirmaciones reñidas con la verdad. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 22 junio 2014

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro continues human rights abuses

Venezuela Opposition Maria Corina Machado detained accused POLITICAL THEATER has reached ludicrous heights in Venezuela. For seven hours on Monday, the government in Caracas questioned a key opposition leader over her alleged assassination plot against President Nicolás Maduro; on Friday, it banned her from leaving the country. Three weeks before, the government had unveiled its latest fantasy through a dramatic news conference and colorful propaganda booklets, accusing 10 others — including the U.S. ... ver más
Analysis | English | Video | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuelan government tricks control media coverage (video)

Maduro-en-Cadena-Nacional A favorite source for those who still insist that freedom of speech in Venezuela is as thriving as ever is this BBC report (quoting the Communication Ministry), which states that only 5 percent of media outlets are owned by the state. The rest are in private hands, the argument goes, implying they’re therefore free to criticize the government. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuela censorship backfires

vzlaprotest1 Beginning last week, massive student-led protests all but shut down several of Venezuela’s major cities, including the capital. There have been at least five deaths and scores of injuries and arrests, coming to a head on Wednesday night when armed, pro-government militias (the so called «colectivos«) descended on demonstrators in the nation’s bloodiest act of repression in recent history. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuela and hypocrisy of the international left

chavez international left hypocrisy sean penn oliver stone venezuela As students and the middle class protest for almost two weeks in the streets of Venezuela, the international left remain silent. Why is this wide swath of Venezuelan society protesting? Because of meddling from the United States in preparation of a fascist coup, says Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

International left and its blind spot on Venezuela

international-left-blindspot-on-venezuela When will the left acknowledge that Chavez’s socialist dream has turned into a nightmare? Students are protesting against crime and government repression. There was a time when the so-called Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela appeared to hold great promise. I remember watching The Revolution Will Not Be Televised back in 2003 and being mesmerised by what I saw: Here was a government spending the country’s oil wealth on social programmes for the poor and giving the rich a kicking in one of the most unequal societies in the Western Hemisphere. ... ver más