English | News | The Law | 7 octubre 2012

NGO ‘Citizen Monitoring’ Condemns Hugo Chávez Presidential Campaign Violations (El Universal)

Venezuelan law demands prison time for using public resources to campaign. The organization Citizen Monitoring (Monitoreo Ciudadano) alerts that the Venezuela National System of Public Media is continuously being used by Hugo Chávez for presidential election propaganda and campaigning. ... ver más
English | The Law | 7 octubre 2012

What is a Cadena Nacional de Radio y Televisión, or National Blanket Broadcast in Venezuela?

In Venezuela, a “national chain” broadcast (Cadena Nacional de Radio y Televisión) is an obligatory National Blanket Broadcast that—by law—must be aired by all domestic radio and television stations. The mechanism allows President Hugo Chávez to commandeer the airwaves at any time for as long as he wishes. ... ver más
English | The Law | Video | 13 marzo 2012

CNN iReport: Hugo Chávez’ illegal State TV campaign

(2min) It is an abuse of power and a violation of the Venezuelan Constitution and anti-corruption law for President Hugo Chávez and other government officials to repeatedly utilize State TV and National Blanket Broadcasts*** to attack opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles. ... ver más