English | News | 11 agosto 2013

Maduro uses State media to attack elected governor

maduro abuses state media for political gain The same National Election Commission (CNE) that recognized Nicolás Maduro as Venezuelan president also confirmed that a significant majority of Amazonas State residents chose Liborio Guaralla as their governor in December 2012. Regardless however, Maduro abuses the Venezuelan State’s national media–which should belong equally to all Venezuelans–to insult and directly attack an elected governor, as is Mr. ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | Reports | 12 julio 2013

Venezuela Alert for free, fair and competitive elections (Report #18)

alert18 Corruption undermines Venezuelan democracy Impunity in cases of anonymous threat against journalists in Venezuela Constitutional Chamber of Supreme Court favors the government Pro-government political party physically attacks members of the Democratic Alternative and bars them from speaking in parliament Read more: http://www.slideshare.net/yomonitoreo/alerta-venezuela-18-ingls Versión en español: Información completa por el Cadenómetro $j = jQuery.noConflict(); $j(document).ready(function() {$j("#rps .paging").show();$j("#rps .paging a:first").addClass("active"); $j(".slide").css({"width" : 620}); $j("#rps .window").css({"width" : 620}); $j("#rps .window").css({"height" : 180}); $j("#rps .col").css({"width" : 308}); $j("#rps .col").css({"height" : 176}); $j("#rps .col p.post-title span").css({"color" : "#666"}); $j("#rps .post-date").css({"top" : 160}); $j("#rps .post-date").css({"width" : 298});var imageWidth = $j("#rps .window").width(); //var imageSum = $j("#rps .slider div").size(); var imageReelWidth = imageWidth * 5; //Adjust the image reel to its new size $j("#rps .slider").css({"width" : imageReelWidth}); //Paging + Slider Function rotate = function(){ var triggerID = $active.attr("rel") - 1; //Get number of times to slide //alert(triggerID); var sliderPosition = triggerID * imageWidth; //Determines the distance the image reel needs to slide $j("#rps .paging a").removeClass("active"); $active.addClass("active"); //Slider Animation $j("#rps .slider").stop(true,false).animate({ left: -sliderPosition }, 500 ); }; var play; //Rotation + Timing Event rotateSwitch = function(){ play = setInterval(function(){ //Set timer - this will repeat itself every 3 seconds $active = $j("#rps .paging a.active").next(); if ( $active.length === 0) { //If paging reaches the end... ... ver más
English | News | Reports | 21 mayo 2013

Venezuela NGO response to assault in the National Assembly (statement, 16 April 2013)

Untitled-2 IN RESPONSE TO THE EVENTS WHICH TOOK PLACE ON APRIL 16, 2013 IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF VENEZUELA CARACAS, Venezuela: The member organizations of Monitor Legislativo would like to express their utmost condemnation of the incidents which took place in the Venezuelan National Assembly on April 16, 2013. ... ver más
#AbusoPoder | #NoalVentajismo | English | News | 15 abril 2013

Electoral Fraud in Venezuela’s Presidential Elections

Violations and fraud mark Venezuelan presidential elections An electoral fraud primer for Venezuela’s presidential elections. Violations and fraud mark Venezuelan presidential electionsThat fact that the 2013 presidential election in Venezuela was completely anti-democratic was underlined by the absolute lack of interest by the State to even fake its democratic credentials. ... ver más
English | News | 15 abril 2013

OAS chief backs call for recount in Venezuela vote

Electoral violations and abuse of power mark Venezuela's presidential elections Electoral violations and abuse of power mark Venezuela's presidential elections The head of the Organization of American States on Monday backed calls for a recount in Venezuela’s presidential elections, offering the help of experts from the regional body. “Regarding the need to carry out an audit and complete recount of the vote, Secretary General (Jose Miguel) Insulza expressed his support for this initiative and put at Venezuela’s disposal the OAS’ team of election experts,” the organization said in a statement. ... ver más
English | News | 14 abril 2013

Hundreds of Latin American leaders demand fair elections in Venezuela (El País)

30269-notirapida-maduro-vs-capriles Accusations of irregularities and favoritism by the Election Commission increase ahead of Sunday’s presidential elections. Even the presidential ballot paper demonstrates abuse of State power and unfair election practices in Venezuela Accusations and documentation of irregularities and violations in the electoral system presented by the opposition against the State and its candidate have become the central theme of the presidential elections campaign as polling stations open today in Venezuela. ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | 14 abril 2013

Government media and Maduro violate ban on campaign activities in Venezuela (Clarín, Argentina)

Companeros-Nicolas-Maradona-Chavez-AP_CLAIMA20130414_0071_17 State-supported candidate Nicolas Maduro continued his campaign yesterday in Caracas. Still don’t know how he cheated the electoral system? Read the electoral fraud primer for Venezuela’s presidential elections. Nicolas Maduro and Diego Maradona bump fists yesterday while visiting the grave of Hugo Chavez State media have refused to comply with the ban on campaign activities dictated by election regulations in Venezuela. ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | Reports | 14 abril 2013

Venezuela: 70 hours of State media coverage for government candidate (April 2-12, NGO Citizen Monitor report)

Maduro-en-VTV-2-11-abril-2013 The Maduro campaign has been on State channel VTV 6 hours every day from April 2 to 12 Between April 2 and 11, in preparation for Sunday’s presidential election, State television channel Venezuelan Television (VTV) transmitted 65 hours and 21 minutes of government candidate Nicolas Maduro’s campaign events. ... ver más
English | News | Prensa | 4 abril 2013

Henrique Capriles accuses Venezuelan state media of bias in favouring political rival (The Independent)

Just as Chávez did, Maduro makes a habit of abusing State media to promote his campaign Henrique Capriles has hit out at the overwhelming bias of the Venezuelan state media, claiming that the VTV channel alone has given 46 hours and 43 minutes of coverage to Nicolas Maduro since the former bus driver became acting President after the death of Hugo Chavez on 8 March. Over the same period, Mr Capriles claimed he received just one minute and 18 seconds of airtime. ... ver más
#AbusoPoder | #NoalVentajismo | English | News | 2 abril 2013

Venezuela’s Capriles cries foul ahead of election (AFP)

Venezuela's Election Commission has ignored Capriles' repeated calls for free and fair election administration Venezuela's Election Commission has ignored Capriles' repeated calls for free and fair election administration Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles on Monday accused acting president Nicolas Maduro of unfairly using state media and money in his campaign to succeed the late Hugo Chavez. ... ver más