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Venezuela’s Capriles cries foul ahead of election (AFP)

Venezuela's Election Commission has ignored Capriles' repeated calls for free and fair election administration Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles on Monday accused acting president Nicolas Maduro of unfairly using state media and money in his campaign to succeed the late Hugo Chavez. The accusations come two weeks before voters choose a new president following the death of Chavez, the flamboyant leader who governed oil-rich Venezuela for 14 years and launched a self-styled leftist «revolution.» ... ver más
English | News | 2 abril 2013

Unfair Campaign Conditions mark Presidential Elections in Venezuela (Los Angeles Times)

Venezuelans prepare for April 14 elections under campaign conditions that are neither free nor fair Interim President Nicolas Maduro on Monday raised the curtain on Venezuela’s abbreviated campaign to elect a successor to Hugo Chavez, lavishly praising the late leader during a televised address but promising to tackle escalating crime, perhaps Chavez’s darkest legacy. ... ver más
English | News | 31 marzo 2013

Maduro calls presidential opposition «heirs of Hitler» on Venezuelan State TV

Candidate Maduro contines to abuse State media for campaign purposes; the Election Commission remains silent Venezuela’s Acting President Campaigns by Relating His Opponents to Hitler The guy chosen to be Hugo Chavez’s heir in Venezuela isn’t letting a double digit lead in the polls stop him from attacking his opponents where it really hurts ahead of the country’s election. ... ver más
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CNE Head Lucena Loses Final Excuse for Not Regulating Pre-Campaign (Tal Cual)

Venezuela's Election Commission has again refused to regulate government abuse of resources in the election campaign The concept that the electoral body “does not regulate a presidential precampaign” has been useful so many times so rectors can justify all abuses and do nothing about it. That excuse has been used to play the fool in the face of abusive never-ending TV broadcasts. It’s no secret to anyone that the four rectors for the National Electoral Council (CNE) have extra red-colored hearts. ... ver más
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How to keep Chavez memory alive for your campaign? Name him 200 times a day! (Reuters)

Maduro on the campaign trail Hugo Chavez’s protege and the new flagbearer of socialism in Venezuela has lost no time proving his loyalty in public – in fact, 3,456 times in just 16 days. That is the number of times acting President Nicolas Maduro has mentioned Chavez in speeches since his mentor’s death from cancer on March 5, according to a local tracker. ... ver más
English | News | 31 octubre 2012

Venezuelan ballots counted honestly, but campaign unfair

Hugo Chávez plays by his own rules in Venezuela elections The ballots may have been counted honestly, but experts say that the campaign as a whole was not fair. “The playing field is not level” in Venezuela because Chávez uses state resources to reward his followers and punish those who vote against him. The president also ramps up social spending in election years to shore up support and hosts a nationally televised show on which he rewards adoring voters for their loyalty with rent-free apartments and free refrigerators. ... ver más
English | News | 29 octubre 2012

Venezuela Election Commission again gives preferential treatment to PSUV candidates

Venezuela Electoral Commission Director Socorro Hernandez As you may or not know, during the audits of the electoral “notebooks” (voter registry or voter rolls) for upcoming Gubernatorial elections, the opposition discovered that 108 voters were moved from one voting center (polling place) to another. In particular, the changes include six candidates for governor selected by President Hugo Chávez (who failed to recognize that these candidates do not reside in the state where they are now running for governor). ... ver más
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Chávez used government media for enormous election advantage (Wall Street Journal)

Chávez violated numerous laws using public resources for his campaign Mr. Chávez launched an effective propaganda campaign telling voters that Mr. Capriles was lying and would take away the programs. Mr. Chávez’s government had some enormous advantages. The Chávez camp used government advertising, as well as programs that all television and radio stations were forced to broadcast by law, to gain a lopsided publicity edge—43 minutes a day compared with three for the Capriles campaign, according to data compiled by a local nongovernmental organization, Monitoreo Ciudadano. ... ver más
English | News | 29 octubre 2012

Carter Center highlights inequality in Venezuela presidential campaign

Carter Center points out Chávez abuse of public media The Carter Center’s independent study mission to Venezuela today released a pre-electoral report (PDF), which assesses the preparations for key elements of the process including voter registration, campaign conditions, voting conditions, integrity of the vote count, and the dispute resolution process. ... ver más
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NGO ‘Citizen Monitoring’ Condemns Hugo Chávez Presidential Campaign Violations (El Universal)

Venezuelan law demands prison time for using public resources to campaign. The organization Citizen Monitoring (Monitoreo Ciudadano) alerts that the Venezuela National System of Public Media is continuously being used by Hugo Chávez for presidential election propaganda and campaigning. ... ver más