English | News | Reports | 22 febrero 2014

Venezuelan NGO shows abuse of government media during protests

Haz click para información completa del Cadenómetro Since recent protests began in Venezuela, the government has increased its abuse of the “national blanket broadcast” to criticize activists and promote its own political agenda. Click for complete information about the abuse of “national blanket broadcasts” In 2013, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro utilized the “national blanket broadcast” (cadena nacional) 202 times for a total of 169 horas (28 minutes every day).* During election campaigns–and also now as nationwide anti-government protests are underway in Venezuela–the president has increased the abuse of this communication strategy. ... ver más
English | News | Reports | 12 septiembre 2013

Partisan use of State TV signal (Venezuela Alert #22)

Nicolas-Maduro-y-Tribunal-Supremo-de-Justicia-TSJ-Venezuela PARTISAN USE OF THE STATE TV SIGNAL By: Monitoreo Ciudadano/ @yomonitoreo President Nicolás Maduro abused the signal of the state-owned television channel for a broadcast by the Carabobo Command in support of the election campaign of the pro-government United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | Reports | 12 julio 2013

Venezuela Alert for free, fair and competitive elections (Report #18)

alert18 Corruption undermines Venezuelan democracy Impunity in cases of anonymous threat against journalists in Venezuela Constitutional Chamber of Supreme Court favors the government Pro-government political party physically attacks members of the Democratic Alternative and bars them from speaking in parliament Read more: http://www.slideshare.net/yomonitoreo/alerta-venezuela-18-ingls Versión en español: Información completa por el Cadenómetro $j = jQuery.noConflict(); $j(document).ready(function() {$j("#rps .paging").show();$j("#rps .paging a:first").addClass("active"); $j(".slide").css({"width" : 620}); $j("#rps .window").css({"width" : 620}); $j("#rps .window").css({"height" : 180}); $j("#rps .col").css({"width" : 308}); $j("#rps .col").css({"height" : 176}); $j("#rps .col p.post-title span").css({"color" : "#666"}); $j("#rps .post-date").css({"top" : 160}); $j("#rps .post-date").css({"width" : 298});var imageWidth = $j("#rps .window").width(); //var imageSum = $j("#rps .slider div").size(); var imageReelWidth = imageWidth * 5; //Adjust the image reel to its new size $j("#rps .slider").css({"width" : imageReelWidth}); //Paging + Slider Function rotate = function(){ var triggerID = $active.attr("rel") - 1; //Get number of times to slide //alert(triggerID); var sliderPosition = triggerID * imageWidth; //Determines the distance the image reel needs to slide $j("#rps .paging a").removeClass("active"); $active.addClass("active"); //Slider Animation $j("#rps .slider").stop(true,false).animate({ left: -sliderPosition }, 500 ); }; var play; //Rotation + Timing Event rotateSwitch = function(){ play = setInterval(function(){ //Set timer - this will repeat itself every 3 seconds $active = $j("#rps .paging a.active").next(); if ( $active.length === 0) { //If paging reaches the end... ... ver más
English | News | Reports | 21 mayo 2013

Venezuela NGO response to assault in the National Assembly (statement, 16 April 2013)

Untitled-2 IN RESPONSE TO THE EVENTS WHICH TOOK PLACE ON APRIL 16, 2013 IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF VENEZUELA CARACAS, Venezuela: The member organizations of Monitor Legislativo would like to express their utmost condemnation of the incidents which took place in the Venezuelan National Assembly on April 16, 2013. ... ver más
Analysis | English | News | Reports | 14 abril 2013

Venezuela: 70 hours of State media coverage for government candidate (April 2-12, NGO Citizen Monitor report)

Maduro-en-VTV-2-11-abril-2013 The Maduro campaign has been on State channel VTV 6 hours every day from April 2 to 12 Between April 2 and 11, in preparation for Sunday’s presidential election, State television channel Venezuelan Television (VTV) transmitted 65 hours and 21 minutes of government candidate Nicolas Maduro’s campaign events. ... ver más
Analysis | English | Reports | 5 diciembre 2012

Seeking Competitive Elections in Venezuela (analysis, Election Alert #8)

alertaelectoral8a Venezuelans’ historic turnout for the presidential elections of October 7 (80.48% of all registered voters) and acceptance of the results by all parties might indicate that this electoral process was an example for the democratic world. Indeed, the efforts of political parties, non-governmental organizations and civil society in general to achieve the necessary conditions for elections recognized by all parties to be held are laudable and noteworthy. ... ver más
English | Reports | 31 octubre 2012

Electoral Council is politicized; government abuses public media in campaign (Wilson Center)

Government uses public media as part of campaign The upcoming presidential election in Venezuela slated for October 7 will not be just another election. This election is of fundamental importance. President Chávez, after 14 years in government, is seeking to be re-elected yet again for a six-year term. The Conditions of Competition Government uses public media as part of campaignWithout a doubt the greatest weakness of the process lies in the inequitable conditions of competition. ... ver más
English | Prensa | Reports | 31 octubre 2012

Chávez circumvents the law, turns public media into campaign engine (Council on Hemispheric Affairs)

Source: Christian Science Monitor In another glaring disadvantage, the Arriagada-Woldenberg report has underscored that the greatest weakness to Venezuelan democracy is probably the uneven media coverage being afforded of the candidates. While the law limits campaign advertisement to just three minutes of paid television and radio a day, president Chávez has taken an unfair advantage of the so-called Ley Resorte, which aims to regulate the media coverage of the country’s social services. ... ver más