Analysis | English | 22 junio 2014

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro continues human rights abuses

Venezuela Opposition Maria Corina Machado detained accused POLITICAL THEATER has reached ludicrous heights in Venezuela. For seven hours on Monday, the government in Caracas questioned a key opposition leader over her alleged assassination plot against President Nicolás Maduro; on Friday, it banned her from leaving the country. Three weeks before, the government had unveiled its latest fantasy through a dramatic news conference and colorful propaganda booklets, accusing 10 others — including the U.S. ... ver más
English | News | Video | 22 febrero 2014

Protests swell in Venezuela as places to rally disappear (video)

Génesis Carmona was taken away after being shot on Tuesday. She died the next day. Mauricio Centeno/Diario Notitarde, via Associated Press Venezuela is being convulsed by the biggest protests since the country’s longtime president, the charismatic Hugo Chávez, died nearly a year ago. CARACAS, Venezuela — The only television station that regularly broadcast voices critical of the government was sold last year, and the new owners have softened its news coverage. ... ver más
English | 22 julio 2012

Obama should help Venezuelans have fair elections (Hernando Today)

Obama expresses concern over transparency of Venezuela elections While Venezuela’s socialist strongman, Hugo Chavez, continues to buy Russian fighter jets and Chinese amphibious tanks, President Barack Obama has voiced his «concern» about the October 7 presidential election in that country. «My main concern when it comes to Venezuela is having the Venezuelan people have a voice in their affairs and that you end up ultimately having fair and free elections, which we don’t always see,» the president said during a recent interview with a Spanish language television station in Miami, America TeVe. ... ver más
Análisis | Denuncias | 27 abril 2012

Obama, Venezuela e igualdad de condiciones en nuestras elecciones (análisis, Analítica)

obama-venezuela-eeuu-elecciones Es desde la Vicepresidencia de la República y del mismo Chávez en donde se toman las decisiones para todos los poderes, se juzga, se condena, se legisla, se confisca y se clausura toda salida constitucional Es un deber exigir el respeto a las condiciones electorales En una entrevista realizada por el periodista Sergio Gómez al Presidente de USA, Barack Obama, el 13 de abril, 2012, en la VI Cumbre de Las Américas llevada a cabo en Cartagena de Indias –Colombia, le fue formulada la pregunta y obtenida la respuesta que a continuación queda transcrita. ... ver más