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Censura informativa y trato hostil a periodistas en Venezuela

1688167_764370773574323_758886725_n La Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP) condenó la “censura informativa» aplicada en Venezuela por el Gobierno de Nicolás Maduro, que se hace patente en el “trato hostil a los periodistas y a los medios nacionales y extranjeros», según un comunicado. Desde que se iniciaron el pasado 12 de febrero las protestas contra el Gobierno venezolano, que han dejado 13 muertos, 150 heridos y decenas de detenidos, muchos periodistas, medios oficiales e independientes han sufrido «restricciones directas aplicadas por las autoridades» o actos de violencia el en ejercicio de su labor periodística, señala la SIP. ... ver más
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Avanza la censura hacia los medios de comunicación en Venezuela (video)

violencia-venezuela-protestas Medios internacionales en la mira de Maduro Venezuela recibe el 14 de febrero con un ambiente de tensión ante los anuncios de grupos estudiantiles de realizar nuevas protestas este viernes y las acusaciones de censura al gobierno de Nicolás Maduro, quien anunció la salida del aire del canal colombiano NTN24 por transmitir la “zozobra” de un golpe al país, aseguró el propio presidente. ... ver más
Analysis | English | Video | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuelan government tricks control media coverage (video)

Maduro-en-Cadena-Nacional A favorite source for those who still insist that freedom of speech in Venezuela is as thriving as ever is this BBC report (quoting the Communication Ministry), which states that only 5 percent of media outlets are owned by the state. The rest are in private hands, the argument goes, implying they’re therefore free to criticize the government. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuela censorship backfires

vzlaprotest1 Beginning last week, massive student-led protests all but shut down several of Venezuela’s major cities, including the capital. There have been at least five deaths and scores of injuries and arrests, coming to a head on Wednesday night when armed, pro-government militias (the so called «colectivos«) descended on demonstrators in the nation’s bloodiest act of repression in recent history. ... ver más
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Venezuela shuts off the internet, not satisfied with blocking Twitter and TV

venezuela protests for peace and human rights 2014 It’s a familiar narrative at this point: governments facing mass protests tighten their grip on state-run media outlets and internet providers to keep a lid on incriminating information they’d rather not have broadcast to the entire world. In Venezuela right now, where protests over food security and the poor economy have snowballed over the past week and become violent riots that have left at least five dead, socialist President Nicolás Maduro’s government is ramping up censorship. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

Venezuela and hypocrisy of the international left

chavez international left hypocrisy sean penn oliver stone venezuela As students and the middle class protest for almost two weeks in the streets of Venezuela, the international left remain silent. Why is this wide swath of Venezuelan society protesting? Because of meddling from the United States in preparation of a fascist coup, says Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. ... ver más
Analysis | English | 24 febrero 2014

International left and its blind spot on Venezuela

international-left-blindspot-on-venezuela When will the left acknowledge that Chavez’s socialist dream has turned into a nightmare? Students are protesting against crime and government repression. There was a time when the so-called Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela appeared to hold great promise. I remember watching The Revolution Will Not Be Televised back in 2003 and being mesmerised by what I saw: Here was a government spending the country’s oil wealth on social programmes for the poor and giving the rich a kicking in one of the most unequal societies in the Western Hemisphere. ... ver más
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Venezuela threatens to block CNN if protest coverage continues (video)

nicolas-maduro Nicolás Maduro has said CNN’s programming only shows war and claims they want to make Venezuela look as if they were in a civil war. If they don’t take it back and rectify their content, Maduro says they will be blocked from Venezuela. There’s no doubt there’s a situation of unrest in Venezuela, and every day that goes by it gets worse, according to the images, videos and posts we see from the people living there and going through very scary times. ... ver más
English | News | 22 febrero 2014

Nicolás Maduro threatens to expel CNN for Venezuela protest coverage

maduro2(59) Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro threatened on Thursday to expel television network CNN from the country if it did not «rectify» the way it has covered deadly political protests. At least five people have been killed in unrest that the government blames on opposition-led «fascists» and that its rivals blame on the security forces. ... ver más
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Estado de los medios de comunicación en Venezuela (video)

cnn-chile Diversas manifestaciones en pro y en contra del gobierno han sido parte de la tensión social que vive Venezuela. El enfrentamiento de Venezuela con los medios de comunicación, se ha vuelto un problema trascendental en el país.  Aunque existen medios que ya han sido censurados por el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro,  hay otros que luchan para comunicar. ... ver más