English | News | Reports | 22 febrero 2014

Venezuelan NGO shows abuse of government media during protests

Haz click para información completa del Cadenómetro Since recent protests began in Venezuela, the government has increased its abuse of the “national blanket broadcast” to criticize activists and promote its own political agenda. In 2013, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro utilized the “national blanket broadcast” (cadena nacional) 202 times for a total of 169 horas (28 minutes every day).* ... ver más
English | 15 julio 2012

Campaign inequality leads to democratic weaknesses (Alerta Electoral, editorial)

@AlertaElectoral All Venezuelans—and the international community—can witness through the media the notable increase in the frequency and duration of the mandatory official radio and television broadcasts when the beginning of an electoral campaign is approaching. Government authorities have the obligation to watch over and guarantee impartiality and equality in electoral processes as prescribed by Article 293 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which establishes that “Government authorities shall guarantee the equality, reliability, impartiality, transparency and efficiency of electoral processes.” ... ver más